CLEANEE ECO Home Windows, 500 ml

  • Biodegradable, Vegan certified, bionanotechnology
  • Safe for skin, safe for food, not tested on animals
  • best for all glass surfaces, cars
  • removes the old stain, graffity

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CLEANEE ECO Home hygienic cleaner for glass, windows and mirrors is a hygienic natural cleaning agent composed of purely natural substances, plant extracts and natural oils. It is unique with its antimicrobial and strong antioxidant effect, as well as excellent cleaning properties. It is biodegradable, gentle and safe for the skin and nature.

Not tested on animals.

On which surfaces to use CLEANEE on windows?

CLEANEE ECO Home hygienic cleaner for glass, windows and mirrors is designed for cleaning and degreasing all glass surfaces, mirrors and other glossy surfaces. It contains natural saponins and surfactants, which, in addition to cleaning properties, achieves high and long-term effectiveness in removing protein infestation. On the treated surfaces, it creates microfilm that protects against microbial contamination, perfectly removes dirt and smudges, leaves a long-lasting unmistakable shine, absorbs unwanted odours and is safe for contact with food.

How to use CLEANEE on windows?

Shake before use. Apply to a soiled surface and leave on for a while. Then wipe with a spatula or polish with a soft cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.