CLEANEE ECO Pet stain and odor, 500 ml

  • Specially designed for impurities of biological origin
  • Not tested on animals, Vegan certified, Bio degradable, laboratory tested
  • Removes odor from animal urine, or other unwanted odors
  • For cleaning aquariums, animal cages, cat toilets, animal beds, carpets, sofas, furniture
  • no perfume – only a faint scent of natural oils

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CLEANEE ECO Pet hygienic stain and odour remover for pets is a hygienic cleaning agent composed of purely natural substances, plant extracts and natural oils. It is unique with its antimicrobial and strong antioxidant effect as well as excellent cleaning properties. Biodegradable, gentle and safe for skin and nature, not tested on animals.

What makes CLEANEE ECO Pet unique?

natural cleaner and odour remover do not contain substances harmful to respiration no perfume – only a faint scent of natural oils safe for human and animal skin hygienic cleanliness around pets – confirmed by laboratory tests ecological – safe for nature – fully degradable in nature vegan composition – V-label Vegan certificate.

On which surfaces to use CLEANEE ECO Pet?

The product copes well with unwanted dirt, odours and resistant dry stains on pets. animal beds cat baskets dog blankets carpets sofas and armchairs furniture for cleaning aquariums and animal cages cat toilet It is specially designed for impurities of biological origin mud spit blood other pigmented, difficult-to-remove stains remove odour from animal urine Effectively eliminates unwanted animal odours Due to the purely natural composition, it can also be applied directly to the coat.

The product contains natural saponins and surfactants, which, in addition to cleaning properties, achieves high and long-term effectiveness in removing protein contamination. It creates a microfilm on the treated surfaces, protecting against microbial contamination.

How to use CLEANEE ECO Pet?

Shake before use. Remove loose dirt from the surface, then apply to the soiled surface of an animal accessory, carpet, seat or floor and leave for a while. Wipe the area with a cloth, brush or paper towel. If necessary, wash the blankets or beds in the washing machine. Repeat if necessary.